Day 25 – March 21

Welcome to the fourth weekend during our Lent journey! It is Saturday, March 21st. My name is Sandra, and I will be leading you today for our Scripture reading and intercession time. Theme: God wants our love Scripture: Hosea 6:1-6 (Living Bible) Intercession During our Lenten journey, each weekend we are interceding for a differentContinue reading “Day 25 – March 21”

Day 18 – March 14

Greetings! It is Saturday, March 14, and we are concluding our second full week of our Lent journey together! My name is Sandra and today I will be leading us in scripture, and intercession for the countries of Northern Europe. Theme: God forgives us; his discipline ends Scripture:  Micah 7:14–15,18–20 Intercession During our Lenten journey,Continue reading “Day 18 – March 14”