Day 30 – March 26

It’s Thursday, March 26. Welcome back to our daily Lent Journey podcast. My name is Gina. Let’s spend some time focused on God and His word, and pray together. Theme: We can intercede for God’s grace to others Scripture: Exodus 32:7–14 (Living Bible) Reflection Intercede is defined by as: to act in behalf ofContinue reading “Day 30 – March 26”

Day 15 – March 11

It’s Wednesday, and we’re halfway through the second full week of Lent. My name is Gina, and today I’m meeting with you again for our daily scripture reading, reflection and prayer. Theme: We are never alone in our pain Scripture: Psalm 31: 9-16 Reflection Negative emotions take a toll on us over time. Every personContinue reading “Day 15 – March 11”

Day 14 – March 10

Today is Tuesday, March 10. We’ve been together two weeks now on our 40-day Lent journey! My name is Gina, and it’s great to have our growing group of international prayer and fasting warriors back together today for scripture, reflection and prayer. Scripture: Psalm 50:7–15,22–24 Reflection What can I give someone who has everything? That’sContinue reading “Day 14 – March 10”

Day 5- March 1

It is Sunday, March 1! This is the first Sunday in our 40-day Lent journey together. My name is Sandra, and I will be sharing the Scripture reading and a prayer time with you today. During the weekdays, our journey is focused on personal renewal. We are giving our weekends to interceding for a movementContinue reading “Day 5- March 1”