Day 15 – March 11

It’s Wednesday, and we’re halfway through the second full week of Lent. My name is Gina, and today I’m meeting with you again for our daily scripture reading, reflection and prayer. Theme: We are never alone in our pain Scripture: Psalm 31: 9-16 Reflection Negative emotions take a toll on us over time. Every personContinue reading “Day 15 – March 11”

Day 7 – March 3

It’s Tuesday, March 3, day 7 in our 40-day Lent journey. My name is Gina, thank you for joining me for today’s scripture reading, reflection and prayer time. Theme: The Suffering God is with us Scripture: Psalm 34: 15-22 Reflection Even as I’ve been working on our first week of Lent podcasts, I have hadContinue reading “Day 7 – March 3”