Day 26 – March 22

Today is Sunday, the fourth Sunday in Lent. My name is Sandra. Thank you for joining me in our scripture reading, and weekend intercession for the peoples of the Eastern Mediterranean Field.

Theme: We are children of light

Scripture: Ephesians 5:8-14 (Living Bible)


During our Lenten journey, each weekend we are interceding for a different field of the Eurasia Church of the Nazarene. A field is a cluster of several countries where we have churches, and there are seven fields within the Eurasia Region. You can find out more about our fields and regions at

Last weekend we interceded for Northern Europe. The weekend before, we covered Commonwealth of Independent States with our prayers. The first weekend, we prayed over the nations of the Western Mediterranean.

This weekend, we will pray for the Eastern Mediterranean Field, also known as the Middle East.

In this field, the Church of the Nazarene includes Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, the Holy Land, and several areas we do not name for security reasons. 

Nazarenes in the Middle East have requested that we pray for our brothers and sisters there in the following ways:

Please pray for good and fruitful relationships between all denominations of Christians, including Catholic, Orthodox, Maronite, Protestant and Evangelical. Ask the Spirit of God to pour out a spirit of love, understanding and unity among all Christians in every region, so that believers can work side by side in evangelism and outreach to their communities and nations.

Pray that God would renew and strengthen His people in their ministry to refugees, so that they do not suffer from exhaustion and burn out.

Pray that through these compassionate ministries to refugees, many refugees will find hope and salvation in Jesus Christ. Pray that new believers among the refugees become missionaries to their new communities when they receive permission to emigrate.

Pray that God would grant tolerance and favor to His people from religious and community leaders, government authorities, family members, and neighbors.

Pray that restrictions on worship, evangelism, conversion, and the free practice of the Christian faith would be loosened or lifted.

Pray for Christian organizations, schools and churches struggling with financial difficulties. Ask God to provide all that they need, when they need it.

Pray for God to raise up mature, compassionate, wise and honest Christian leaders who will commit to remaining in their communities, even when they experience harassment, persecution, and economic limitations.

Pray that God would enable many believers of all ages to give faithful and consistent leadership to their local churches.

Pray that God would protect the health, jobs and finances of His people during this time of spreading corona virus. Ask God to pour out a spirit of creativity as believers lovingly move their worship services and other gatherings online to protect the vulnerable from illness. Pray for open doors and open hearts to share hope and peace in Jesus during an unprecedented and uncertain time in our world.

Let us pray.


We come to You, our Heavenly Father, to intercede for Your Church in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, the Holy Land, and several areas we do not name for security reasons.

Lord, You have preserved a faithful remnant across these nations, who have stood firm in the midst of persecution, discrimination, harassment, economic deprivation, societal instability, and even war. Thank You for these who have loved You so much that they have obediently and humbly picked up their cross to follow You, Jesus. Thank You for these who have shared about You with people who don’t yet know You, even at personal risk to themselves.

Father, we ask that You would cultivate loving and unified relationships between all of Your people of every denomination. Teach Your followers that the world will know You through their love for each other. Help them see that Christian unity is necessary for the lost to be found. Holy Spirit, ignite a revival that consumes everything that separates Christians from each other, so that believers can work side by side in evangelism and outreach to their communities and nations.

Please renew and refresh all those who minister to refugees. Heal the exhausted from burn out. Raise up new workers for this harvest. Strengthen them through Your love and compassion.

Please grant Your people with favor from religious leaders, community influencers, and government authorities. Soften the hearts of family members and neighbors who have opposed Your people, especially new believers.

We ask You to remove restrictions on worship, evangelism, conversion, and the practice of the Christian faith. Where local congregations are very small, far apart, or cannot meet openly, please encourage them. Don’t let them feel isolated, small and powerless. Remind them that they have all of heaven behind them, and that they are part of a global Body of Christ; they are not alone.

Lord, with Your abundant heavenly resources, please provide for Christian organizations, schools and churches that struggle with financial limitations. As You miraculously provide for them, increase their faith in You.

We ask You to raise up many mature and committed Christian leaders who will remain in their communities. Although there is a powerful attraction in immigrating to countries where employment opportunities and religious freedom are far greater, please help some to answer a call to stay. Give them a purpose and a mission to love their neighbors, and to serve the church where You have placed them.

In this time of spreading corona virus, many churches are moving worship to online platforms, out of love for the most vulnerable. Please protect the health of your people. Please provide for their financial needs where jobs are lost or businesses are closed. Please bless families whose children are home from school.

Most of all, God, breathe into Your people a special spirit of innovation, as they seek new ways to serve the church and to serve their communities during these anxious and uncertain times. Remind Your people to share their faith with those who are anxious or fearful. Open hearts so that many will put their hope in you for the first time. Enable your Church to disciple these new believers and to form new faith communities all across Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, the Holy Land,

We ask all this in the name of Jesus, Your Son.



The additional scripture passages for today are from:

1 Samuel 16:1-13

John 9:1-41

Psalm 23

Thank you for interceding with us again this weekend. We hope you will join us for another week of Lent starting Monday!

Watch a video about the Church of the Nazarene in the Eastern Mediterranean Field.

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