Day 5- March 1

It is Sunday, March 1! This is the first Sunday in our 40-day Lent journey together. My name is Sandra, and I will be sharing the Scripture reading and a prayer time with you today.

During the weekdays, our journey is focused on personal renewal. We are giving our weekends to interceding for a movement of God among the nations of Eurasia, and for His renewal in our church. Today, we will be praying for our church across the Western Mediterranean Field.

Theme: The Joy of Forgiveness

Scripture: Psalm 32


During our Lenten journey, each weekend we will pray for a different field of Eurasia. A field is a cluster of several countries where we have churches. There are seven fields within our region. You can find out more about our fields and region at

Yesterday, we prayed for a movement of God to bring salvation to people across the nations of the Western Mediterranean Field. This field is made up of Italy, Portugal, France, Spain and the Azores islands.

Today, we are praying on behalf of our brothers and sisters in these nations. We want to kneel at the foot of God’s throne and ask that He would breathe His Holy Spirit into them, and empower them to live holy lives and to preach the gospel in their nations with boldness and love.


Dear Father,

We want to praise and thank You for the church You have established across Italy, Portugal, France, Spain and the Azores Islands. You have raised up a people who have responded to Your voice and love, and have chosen to put aside all other idols to follow You.

Your people in the Western Mediterranean are small candles of light in a vast darkness. There are strongholds of spiritual oppression, and cultural forces of atheism and of secularization. There are strongholds of traditional religion that do not teach people You are a living, personal God who brings freedom and transformation.

Sometimes, Your people may feel lonely, or isolated, or even powerless. They may struggle with few resources, and ask, “Are we making any difference for you in our families, communities and nations?”

Lord, please remind your people that it is You who changes hearts. It is You who moves to transform people, communities and even nations. There is no stronghold, no earthly power, no spiritual forces of darkness that can withstand Your almighty power and goodness.

Dear Father, we ask that Your Spirit would light a fire of Holy Love among Your believers and Your church in these Mediterranean nations. Where You desire repentance, reveal this to Your church, and lead them to the freedom of repentance and reconciliation with You.

Breathe into Your followers the same living Spirit that empowered your disciples on Pentecost with boldness and words and zeal for You.

Many of our churches are made up of immigrants, as well as different generations. And so we pray that You will empower them with unity amid their diversity.

As the source of all creativity, inspire Your people with creative and fresh ways to share the good news with their neighbors, friends and communities. Give them courage to take risks, to try new ways to reach the lost around them. Open their eyes to the opportunities You are giving them, and courage to seize those opportunities.

Grant Your church with favor from their local and national governments, and from community organizations and institutions. Grant Your church favor from leaders of other Christian denominations and churches.

Out of Your abundance, provide them with every heavenly resource they need to obey You in whatever You ask them to do.

We may speak different languages, living in different places, and be born in different cultures. But in Jesus, we are one. Thank You, Lord, for making us one Body in many nations. None of us is alone, because we have each other, but most importantly, we have You.

We praise You and thank You for hearing us and for answering us.

In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Thank You for joining us today. We look forward to being with You again tomorrow, for a time of Scripture reading, reflection and prayer in our Lent journey.


The additional Scripture readings for today are from:

Genesis 2:15-17; 3:1-7

Romans 5: 12-19

Matthew 4:1-11

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